Unbanning of the Adhaan in Isipingo

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The Adhaan is a peaceful, international calling of prayer amongst the Muslim community. The Adhaan has been in existence for over 1000 years and never once have we intended for this to invade anyone's personal space but rather unite our entire community for a higher purpose. 

Islamaphobia is a great concern worldwide and unfortunately it is currently being experienced in our very own country. 

According to Chapter 2 of our Constitution,  everyone had the right to freedom of religion, belief and opinion. We are entitled to enjoy our culture, practice our religion and use our language. 

The Adhaan is an essential part of our religion and banning it goes against the right to practice our religion. 

It violates our right to equality, and our freedom of speech because i believe that our voices are being silenced. 

Mr Ellaurie claims that we are a racist and regards us as a false religion and even though he is exercising his right to freedom of speech, he is violating our rights to freedom of discrimination.

Islam is based on diversity, unity and equality and some may not know this because they remain uneducated about our religion 

This decision affects an entire community, not just an individual or an area .