Punish the person who fed crackers to the pregnant elephant!

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Have you ever helpless in life? Hopeless? Like as if there was no other way out? This is exactly what a helpless pregnant elephant felt when she was fed a pineapple filled with crackers, it exploded in her mouth. She roamed around for two days in pain and no one bothered to give her treatment. The elephant committed sucide by standing in the river until she suffocated to death. Human beings are so crule we have driven an innocent animal to sucide. According to our CONSTITUTION, ANIMALS HAVE JUST AS MUCH RIGHTS AS A HUMAN. why isn't the person responsible for this being held accountable for this atrocity? In a country where we worship animals, animal abuse should not be tolerated! This petition is because this issue needs to be taken seriously! We cannot let this happen to another animal! We need justice! 

The elephant could've easily killed the person but it chose to be kind. This person is a monster and deserves to be punished!