Do something for thousands of Asifa before it's too late

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This is an 8 year old daughter of the nation, spare my name, kyuki naam mein log mazhab dhund letey Hain.

You must've heard my name and seen my pictures in hashtags and online posts people are sharing, I don't want your shares, or shout outs in hashtags of your instagram stories, I don't want you to see them and get ridden with guilt and compassion, I want your rage, I want you to do something for it, for the unheard cries of thousands of Asifa , have to sacrifice for your wake up call.

I want justice, WE want justice , Wake up India ; please wake up before its too late.

We are the same people who shout slogans of beti bachao, and we are the same who have turned these miserable deaths and cries into a hashtag game, We want you to do something for it, we demand justice for this innocent trapped in the hatrade of religion, so that it becomes an example for the future, and no more asifa from Jammu, nirbhya from Delhi, girl from Unnao have to sacrifice their lives for the wake up call of this nation.

Sign this petition and help us reach  the goverment and demand for the worst possible punishments for the rapists.