Calisthenics Park on the Hibiscus Coast!

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Dear Hibiscus & Bays Local Board members,

We the community tremendously appreciate your efforts in implementing some outdoor fitness equipment for public use. We think it's awesome, and think you've well captured specific demographics with the quality installations you have provided. In addition to these installations, we the community would appreciate consideration for the implementation of a dedicated street workout park which we believe would strongly augment the fitness culture on the Hibiscus Coast, providing a means for people of all age groups and fitness levels to better themselves physically and mentally.

Calisthenics is no new trend, as body weight movements have been a staple to fitness regimens since the days of Aristotle. Around the world, we are currently seeing a massive resurgence in public fitness initiatives and street work out parks are popping up in communities everywhere around the world, positively impacting the communities they are built in by fostering, nurturing and inspiring a healthy lifestyle to all those who observe and take part. Without doubt, the implementation of a dedicated street workout park on the Hibiscus Coast would bring the community together for an amazing cause and promote fitness and health to the Hibiscus Coast in an unprecedented way.

The physical well being from fitness goes hand in hand with the mental well being side effects, which as we know, is a growing and difficult to solve problem in New Zealand. Mental well being is particularly scary for our communities, and the positive effects that will arise through having a dedicated street workout park will provide many people with a means to express themselves and hone in on something that is progressive and self developmental. This is particularly true of youth who may be be struggling with finding a suitable outlet to express themselves, and a calisthenics park, similar to a skate park, will provide them with the necessary tools to work towards meaningful goals while finding inspiration from the positive social and community aspects at the park. This really can help people re-calibrate their lifestyles and turn negative into positive.

The community will strongly benefit from this inexpensive implementation, and there will be no barriers to entry that prevent people from exercising such as gym memberships and opening hours.

Here is a copy of a report made for the council:

Please consider the wishes of the people and help us bring a park like the one in Mission Bay to the Hibiscus Coast!