Smite: Reverse S6 SPL changes - give EU their own region and LAN

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During HRX (where the Smite World Championship is played out) Hi-Rez announced the following changes to the SPL (Smite Pro League):

In short: They plan to remove international leagues, including the EU region, which is together with NA the biggest one with many pros and past world championship wins. Hi-Rez plans to only play the SPL on LAN at their headquarters in the Atlanta, GA, US, meaning especially EU players, but also players from the US west coast or Canada, either have to let their lives, friends and families behind or quit the game. This is a nail in the coffin for the whole Smite Community and the Pro League especially. Many loved players, trainers and teams do not want to give up their lives for the game and the rather small salary compared to other eSports. This means a lot of them will quit the game if this changes go through, which will be not only a loss for the quality of the league, but for the quality and health of the game in general.

These changes, for the fans, the players and the game in general have to be reverted! Provide an EU LAN site, let the regions and rivalry alive. Please Hi-Rez, think this suicidal idea over and do not follow through with it!