Equal rights for Fathers now-Shared Parenting Plan

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My friends and fellow readers,

We are faced with a common problem today that has been around for many years. Unfair child laws in family court. It seems that fathers have no rights after a divorce or separation when it comes to the children. This is the biggest form of gender inequality in the country. Men are having to "fight' in court for rights that are given to a woman by default. This needs to change, and it needs to change now. The solution I have outlined for this is called the; Shared Parenting Plan. Which starts with 50/50 custody and visitation for both parties. Instead of fighting for this right, it should be the standard by default. Only if one parent is proven unfit should this not apply. This would allow child support to be calculated more evenly, (if at all), and allow the incarceration rate to drop significantly. Fathers would have a better chance of being involved in the child's life when they aren't threatened by DSS or any other agency to provide an amount of support that they can not afford. 

This affects me directly, every day. Which is why I am so passionate about this change. I have a 9 year old son who is amazing, just like the children you have. His mother however is less than nice to put it politely. The only time I was granted by the court is every other weekend and one day during the week. While custody was defaulted to her based on her gender. I love my child dearly, and its with a heavy heart that this petition has to even exist. Sadly, this is the world we live in. With YOUR help, we CAN make a change. 

Thank you,

Vincent Russo

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