Free Ayatollah Hussein Shirazi - one of the victims of human rights violations in Iran

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On Tuesday the 6th of March 2018, Iranian Intelligence Services attacked one of Shia’s most internationally renowned scholars, Seyed Sadiq Shirazi, in Qum and arrested his son Seyed Hussein Shirazi. Three vehicles belonging to the Intelligence Services have been sent to arrest Seyed Hussein Shirazi. He was brutally arrested, humiliated and dragged in public in front of everyone on the street. He was taken to an unspecified location.

Iranian Special Clerical Court has refused to respond to any inquiries by his family, activists, and community members, thus far.

We and his family are concerned for his health as he suffers from a heart condition. There is a serious threat to the life of Seyed Hussein, based on the criminal record of the Iranian forces against political detractors. 

Many cases have been documented by international human rights organizations for the injustice of the Iranian forces against the Shirazi family, which opposes the unjust policies of the Iranian regime.

The reason behind arresting Hussein Shirazi is because he spoke publicly about the Iranian regime's dictatorship, and his support for demonstrators who are demanding their rights during the recent demonstrations in Iran.

Seyed Hussain currently acts as the Executive Director of Shirazi Foundation, a multi-national humanitarian and educational organization with special consultative status with the United Nations.

We strongly condemned the incident and demand immediate release of Seyed Hussain Shirazi, so we need your support to save his life and stop muzzling freedom of speech in Iran by signing the petition.

 حملة جمع تواقيع لإطلاق سراح سماحة السيد حسين الشيرازي معتقل الرأي في ايران

کمپین جمع آوری امضا برای آزادی سيد حسین شیرازی



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