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ASMR Isn't a Fetish

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YouTube has historically had an overlooked policy on their treatment of ASMR videos. They are quick to allow them to be lumped in with explicitly erotic types of videos and put them under Age Restriction as a result.

This means ASMR content creators can not profit from the content they create, which directly impairs their livelihood and ability to create additional content.

We need to send a message to YouTube that overlooking us like this is unfair and harmful, and that the community as a whole can change how YouTube views and treats ASMRtists.

By signing this petition you can help bring to YouTube's attention the strength of the ASMR community, and with one unified voice express that the content we enjoy is not innately sexual and should not be categorized or penalized as such.

The objective of this petition is two-fold. We must first get YouTube to understand and appreciate ASMR as something that is in no way innately sexual or that purposely fetishizes anything. Secondary to that, we must get YouTube to recognize ASMR as part of a new category for Therapeutic/Relaxation Videos.

If enough of us can come together to support and spread the message of the ASMR videos we hold so dear, we can reach YouTube's community managers and fight our hardest to make this proposition a reality.

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