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FIRE ABC Entertainment Chief Channing Dungey

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As a Disney shareholder, and concerned Americans, we feel the management team and board of directors have lost their minds and gone into politics instead of business. The hiring of an incompetent head of entertainment for ABC just because of her gender and ethnicity instead of a competent, entertainment and business oriented PERSON, just for a political statement has de facto placed the captain of the Titanic in charge of yet another ship... The grossly lagging network with its array of substandard and awful values in screening murder, crime, and horror has gone directly against the wishes of the American public, and is steering them into corporately dangerous waters.


The canceling of a singularly  REDEEMING television show from their roster has proved the gross incompetence of the entire board of directors and the governance team of Walt Disney Corp, which the shareholders and the viewers of ABC Television ask them to step down and for their immediate termination of services to the Walt Disney Company, to be replaced by industry experienced people who have historically understood Walt Disney, the theme park business, and American television, and have a proper respect for America and its history and its flag.


We wish Last Man Standing to be immediately reinstated as a show on ABC's roster, and other like American friendly situation comedy shows to be added to their roster. This would be well in keeping with the historically wholesome programming of ABC, for such historic great shows as Happy Days, Eight is Enough, Castle, Maverick, Family Feud with Steve Harvey, Batman, and the Dick Cavett Show. Such clean family fun, and thought provoking intelligent discussion are of mutual benefit to all of us.


Also, as an American of European descent, I feel discriminated against in ABC constantly making my ethnicity the bad guys, the stupid guys, the people in the commercials who need all the help and advice... from any and all other ethnicity of people. We recognize that America was founded by many peoples, not just one race. The Spanish, British, French, Native Americans and others were the main nations of power that founded the United States of America. All of us should be proportionately represented on ABC television. 


As Americans, we regret and acknowledge the sins of the days of slavery, but they were not our sins. We were not alive in the days of slavery, and we have nothing to do with African Americans, Irish, or the Chinese, having been enslaved by capitalistic historic forces of evil. Two wrongs do not make a right. Simply because America committed wrongs in our ancient history, does not mean that now everyone alive today must pay in to the descendants of those people by very bad business decisions made as a tip of the hat toward repentance. 


To throw our united historical culture into a slaughterhouse blender just because we are trying to be politically correct is a sin. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater is never a good idea.


To come against our 500 year history as The Disney Company has through its reckless governance of media is nothing less that a conspiracy against our historic values and the American way.


Channing Dungey must be terminated immediately. Last Man Standing must be renewed with an open ended contract. The governance board of Disney must apologize as an entity to America.


This is a start. We have only just begun to speak. When America speaks, things happen. Corporations are responsible to the axiom that making money alone is not a good enough reason to pursue any course of action.


Good night, and God bless America.




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