Please Give MissyElliott her overdue VMAs Video Vanguard Award

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Jesse Perez
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The MTV Vanguard Award is presented to music performers, recognizing accomplishments in music and film who have created some of the most acclaimed music videos. This select group of musicians have incredible bodies of musical work and also superlative creative, charitable and social reputations.

With 6 critically acclaimed studio albums & 1 compilation album, over 154 released songs credited as writer and/or producer, 21 extraordinary and visually stunning music videos, more than 30 million albums sold and countless awards, as well as her philanthropic work with PETA, Break The Cycle & MAC's "Viva Glam", there is NO ONE more deserving of the MTV Vanguard Award than MISSY ELLIOTT. It's time to give Missy her things!


During the span of her 30 year career, Missy Elliott has been able to achieve a rarity of consistency and give us high quality, thought provoking, creatively unique video after video. Whether she is in space, on top of a building, in a crop circle, in the desert, in a school, on a football field, in a insane asylum, in a medieval castle, in a spaceship, a rodeo house, at the beach, under water in a pool, in a dollhouse, underground, in a hotel, at a hospital, on an alien planet, and even if she is fighting kill bill style, doing gymnastics, hanging from a chandelier, hanging from her feet, competing in Dance Dance revolution, driving a hummer, eating in a hummer, competing in a doll pageant, dance battling in alleys, dancing as a puppet, sitting on hills, fighting space drones, submerging from water, walking through the city, dragging herself on the floor or defying gravity…. EACH story plot has been methodically thought out, down to smallest detail.

It is important to note that in 2015 Missy released her single "WTF (Where They From) which samples Trayvon's Martin friend Rachel Jaentel, when she uttered the wording "in person" during a CNN interview. Rachel Jeantel was credited for her voice and her words, to further ensure that she would be compensated.  

Missy Elliott has always lived by the mantra that we are not always going to get along with each other but that we must always respect each other and has used the spotlight to spread a message of positivity, unity, hope and not being afraid of being our unique original self's such as she is. She has broken several stereotypes and is one of the first Female Rappers to spill into mainstream media with business savvy that rivals many of her male counterparts.

Missy has never been afraid to give us funny, creative, strange, exciting, odd and sexy with her unique visual representations that makes viewers see sound, feel words & live fantasies while challenging the creative and stylistic status quo of music videos. For all these reasons, as loyal consumers, we ask that MTV award our heroine Missy Elliott with the coveted MTV Vanguard Award. There is no one more deserving of it and it is long overdue!

Please JOIN US by using the HASHTAG #MissyForVanguard #MissyElliott (two T's) and #GiveMissyHerThings to @MTV @Viacom on TWITTER and let them know we want Missy to receive the Vanguard Award!