The Geraldton ECONOMY is in dire straights. The CGGC should strike a ZERO RATE RISE

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 Say NO to a rate rise in 2018-19

Most ratepayers know the City of Greater Geraldton (CGG) has proposed yet another rate rise, despite property prices and rental returns continuing to fall.

 The Valuer General carries out a revaluation every 3 years – This is a revaluation year so the new Gross Rental Value (GRV) will be made available to CGG in early June at the latest to allow the Council to factor in the GRV when determining the rates to be levied in 2018/19.

 If the GRV reflects the declining rental values over the past 3 years (as it should) there will be a substantial GRV reduction this year.  In spite of this Council’s initial indication to ratepayers is for a 3.5% rise in rates.  In isolation this is not catastrophic but coming in on top of the massive rate rise in 2012 of 27.19% (30% for residential property) and subsequent rate increases it will do more damage to our economy and peoples lives particularly those struggling to pay these ongoing increases.

 Since 2012 ratepayers have paid in excess of $31,000,000 extra rates to Council under the current rating regime as opposed to a more normal but still generous 5% compounding rate increase year on year.

 The economy of the City and people’s ability to pay need to come before any more rate rises – A Rate Freeze is the appropriate result for this year.

  WE the undersigned request Council to implement a Rate Freeze for the 2018/19 financial year.