Hey FIFA World Cup! Provide plant-based meals NOW for True Sustainability

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FIFA claimed to be the First Sustainable World Cup, about to start in Russia in June, after planting 1050 trees and adopting more sustainable sources of energy for their event. But we found out that this event alone will cause the deforestation of up to 10.541.177 trees or the equivalent of up to 25.098 soccer fields of forests to make animal-based meals for all the fans. 

A diet based on meat and dairy causes the deforestation of millions of hectares in South American forests, killing hundreds of species of wild animals and expulsing indigenous from their homes, all to grow cheap soy to feed animals that are being sent to Russia as meat.

According to scientific studies, 1 omnivore's diet takes per day 2.8 m2 of land, 4164 liters of water, 20.4 kilos of grains, and creates 9 kilos of CO2. The big shock comes when you multiply this by 2 million people for 32 days.

We urgently ask FIFA to asses the terrible damages already made and raise awareness in their worldwide event by providing plant-based options in all their food courts, to truly call themselves "sustainable" in any way.

 We request Plant-based options at all stadiums' food courts of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018.
We will do all we can to support a completely plant-based, truly sustainable 2022 World Cup that protects the environment, the animals and all humanity.