Nicolas Cage Should Star As Cruella de Vil in A Live-Action "101 Dalmations" Reboot

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It's pretty clear that Nicolas Cage is one of the most...discussed actors of his generation. When Cage takes a role, which is precisely 99.98% of offered roles, he apparently rolls a roulette wheel in his head on how inspired, bizarre, and/or psychotic his performance will be. 

But clearly, given his filmography to date, it's always worth spinning that wheel.

Based on this image alone, there is literally no reason Nic Cage should be excluded from playing a (gender-swapped or as-written) Cruella de Vil in any and all upcoming live-action remakes or reboots of Disney's 101 Dalmations. 

In fact, I would argue that the mere possibility is enough reason to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into such a project.

Deep down, in your heart, you know that Nicolas Cage is a beautiful, misunderstood, cinematic chimera. Let him surprise you...because he always does.

I will be happy to write the script on spec if and when Mr. Cage is interested. Contact or via Twitter at @brettcaron