Hey, America: Let’s #FixCongress Now

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Hey, America: Let’s #FixCongress Now

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Started by Esquire Magazine

"You can't run the country on Wednesdays."

That's what Bob Livingston—former Republican U.S. Representative—told us when we asked him about America's frustrations with Congress. As a nation, we are tired of our leading legislative body. We are disappointed, frustrated, and fed up with the ineffectiveness and the fecklessness and the finger pointing that color our national dialogue every day. A few of the institution's most prominent recent members have come together to do something about it, and proposed one possible solution, a list of reforms to make Congress more efficient, starting with the obvious: a full-time workweek. A few of the points are listed below, and more of them are expanded upon here

This petition will delivered to Congressional leaders John Boehner, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Mitch McConnell.

We, the undersigned, want the men and women of Congress to commit to the following proposals:

Work a Five-Day Week
"America is a full-time nation, and it demands a full-time Congress."
—Bob Livingston

• Mandate five-day workweeks for both chambers, with Congress in session for three consecutive weeks followed by a one week break.

• Synchronize the House and Senate schedules so both chambers are in session at the same time.

Effect Sweeping Campaign Reform
"Forty hours, just fundraising. For freshmen."
—Tom Daschle

• Establish a single nationwide congressional primary date 

• Mandate in-state bipartisan redistricting commissions to eliminate gerrymandering

• Prohibit individual members of Congress from organizing and running PACs


For a more detailed look at Esquire's coverage, read "How to Fix Congress."

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This petition had 3,913 supporters

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