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He's passed on and his life insurance company is not paying out.

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At around 9:45p.m. on the night of May 5, 2011 I received a phone call from My best friend, the closest person ever to share such a strong bond with me called me at work to ask me if I could pick him up something to eat from Wendy's on my way home from work at 11pm as scheduled. At my arrival home I found my best friend lifeless on his bed in his room. He had appeared to have passed away moments after we spoke. Up until that moment, he had been paying into this life insurance policy that he took out with his Union Bank of California checking account a couple of years before hand as a promotion the bank offered him with his checking account in which they withdrew the payments for the life insurance policy automatically every month. He has paid into this account on time from the first moment he activated the policy in good faith. Yet Monumental Life denied payment on my claim to policy number MZ0910636H0007F for the life insurance policy that my late bestfriend of twentythree years paid into on time. According to Monumental Life Insurance Company their justification for refusing payment on this policy was for someting that had been noted as the "primary cause of death" on the death certificate rather than as significant a contributing factor to the actual cause of death as it should have been noted according to four different medical professionals that have had their share of determining the cause of death for several people in their fields of work who have all concured that the primary cause of death for my friend should have been noted as "Arteriosclerotic and Hypertensive Cardiovascular disease" as the primary cause of death followed by  The Acute Illicit drug overdose as the major contributing factor leading up to but not responsible for the cause of death.'The policy obtained by Monumental Life  states that they do not payout on life insurance policy claims that are ruled as Suicide, suspicious in nature or as an undetermined causes of death either by the deceadants own actions resulting in death or is still under investigation. To my disdain the Riverside County Medical Examiners office incidentally was ruled by the Riverside County Medical Examiners office as an accidental death.

Monumental Life Insurance Company deems Accidental Death, Homicide or Natural Causes as cases in which they pay on the claims of Individuals, yet have rejected this claim because as they see it my deceased best friend was shown to have passed away from an Illicet Drug overdose listed as the primary cause of death on the death certificate, yet where it asks about other contributers to the cause of death it also listed as showing "Arteriosclerotic and Hypertensive Cardiovascular disease as the major contributing factor to the cause of death. After speaking to a handful of people in the Medical Field five out of six professionals agree that the diagnosis was of the actual cause of death was misplaced by the contributing cause of death on the death certificate. 

After dealing with the most painful loss in my life, one that still haunts me to this day, I planned on moving on with my life away from the town and the home my best friend and I shared. I don't condone the drug use he was involved in, nor am I proud of failing to see what he was doing to himself while I was at work or when he was in his room. This policy would have been enough to help me start a new life for myself, one that has been under enormous stress and turmoil since May fifth of this past year. Part of me died that day, but I know that he intended for me to have this money in the event of his sudden death to better myself and to assist me in moving on with my life. Here I find myself blocked by Monumental Life Insurance Company from fulfilling my chance of moving ahead with my life on something that my best friend John paid into for the past several years on time every month. Please I implore you to help me get what is rightfully meant to be mine to assist me in moving on. I can not live in the house he passed away in, it is too emotionally distressing and painful. I appreciate your understanding and assistance in advance. Best wishes to you and yours, may you never have to endure the trauma of a loss of someone so fundamentally close to you as I have with my best friend. May he rest in peace.

Thank you,


Todd K.

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