Hervey Bay Islamic Prayer Hall Closure

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Nature of Petition: We the undersigned respectfully request Fraser Coast Regional Council to address residents concerns about intrusions and impacts that the Islamic Prayer Hall at 9 Tooth St, Point Vernon has incurred and seek a closure of the Islamic Prayer Hall. Finally, we request all future places of worship within Fraser Coast Council jurisdiction, be Impact Accessed and public consultation be undertaken before approval is granted.

This site was zoned as a place of worship in 1979 when the area was semi-rural but now it is a residential area. An updated Impact Assessment and no Public Consultation was undertaken when the property was recently purchased. Therefore, an Islamic Prayer Hall is not conducive with the residential zoning it has been given.

Issues that residents / community are experiencing are:

1. Negative impacts on local neighbourhood

Public Safety. The Prayer Hall attracts Islamic followers and anti-Islamic groups which has increased violence and protests. Residents fear the Prayer Hall could attract terrorism, crime, Islamic development and promote Islamic fundamentalism.

2. Threats:

Clashes between anti-Islamic protesters, neighbours and worshippers have occurred at the prayer hall and police have attended the disturbances numerous times.This situation has created fear & discord within the local community.

3. Safety Concerns:

Residents fear for their physical safety as the Prayer Hall has no visible street number and protesters/people have approached them enquiring about its whereabouts. An altercation has already occurred over this issue with neighbours.

4. Property devaluation:

Prayer Halls clash with residential settings. Therefore, residents are concerned that their properties will be devalued because of it’s presence.

5. Noise pollution:

Residents have been subjected to loud music calling followers to prayer. As well, renovations presently being undertaken has created excessive noise.

6. Traffic congestion:

The Prayer Hall parking is inadequate, therefore, parking spills over onto footpaths and blocks access for nearby residents.


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