Bridge the divide between Jewish communities living in and outside Israel

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As a Jew growing up in North America, I have always felt the divide between the different communities, and found my knowledge and understanding of the TRUTH about how Israeli society and culture functioned was minimal. I was educated more on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, rather than the divide within my own people. When I moved to Israel, I realized that over most Israelis are not "Ashkenazi" or "Sephardi" they are ISRAELI and JEWISH. This is an important unifying factor that needs to be made throughout the diaspora as well, considering the majority of world Jewry resides outside of Israel. Although we may look different and have different traditions and practices, we are fundamentally ALL Jewish. Furthermore, the connection between Diaspora Jews and Israel is in my opinion - weak. In order to better represent and support Israel, our Homeland, we need to strengthen our ties with Israel, as well as our fellow Jews. In order to establish a truly inclusive and strong community, we need to first foster a sense of unity amongst our people. 

If you feel disenfranchised, discriminated, left out or simply don't have the connection or understanding to Israel that you want, this cause is for you. 

Join us today as we fight for a more inclusive Israel and acceptance of all Jews on a global scale.  

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