Say no to moving the taxi rank to Stonehills & the removal of parking in WGC town centre

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Hertfordshire County Council, in partnership with Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, plan to make significant changes to Welwyn Garden City town centre.

This plan includes;

-       The part pedestrianisation of the town centre;

-       The removal of up to 50 parking bays from the town centre;

-       Moving the taxi rank to Stonehills from its current location outside The Howard Centre.

We the undersigned object to these plans due to;

-       Lack of parking, making shops inaccessible, especially for individuals who are disabled or struggle to walk longer distances,

-       Increased air pollution on Stonehills from taxi engines, (Nitrogen Oxide created from engines is damaging to health),

-       Increased noise pollution on Stonehills from taxis throughout the day and night. (Residents live on Stonehills and taxis are present from 6am – 2.30am daily),

-       A negative impact on the atmosphere and aesthetics on Stonehills,   

-       Reduction of footfall for businesses. Evidence suggests footfall is likely to drop by 20%, which could be detrimental to businesses existence.

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