Install a zebra crossing on Vicarage Road

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The section of Vicarage Road at the top of the school, at the entrance to the gym (between Exchange Road and Merton Road) has hundreds of girls crossing it every day and currently has no safe way to cross it. It is a busy road, with constant traffic from both directions, especially during school drop off and pickup times, and it simply isn't safe for students to cross. There is also a bus stop on the opposite side of this road, which results in groups of students and also other bus users crossing it at regular intervals- bus users often being more vulnerable members of society like children, mothers with buggies and the elderly. Lady's Close (a road leading off this segment of Vicarage Road) is also used as a through road by many residents accessing the High Street overground station or the High Street itself. Records show that there have been over 30 accidents on this section of the road over the past two decades- at least one occurring every year. It would make many journeys easier and a little safer, which is especially important when considering that some people will cross this road twice daily for years.

With all of this in mind, there is no doubt that a crossing here would be greatly beneficial for all.