Re-opening of BR18- Amendment 07-02-20

Re-opening of BR18- Amendment 07-02-20

1 February 2020
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Hertfordshire Council
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Started by Shaniya Moore

I am writing to formally notify you of an illegal obstruction of public bridleway BR18 in the village of Little Berkhamsted.
This is so that you can now formally open an investigation as to the illegal closure of BR18 along its entire length, down to the junction with bridleway BR19. (pictured in the definitive map shown, source:[1:0,1,2,3,4]
Bridleway BR18 has been shown in the position marked on the definitive map as far back as 1949. Prior to this, it is shown in the exact same position on ordnance survey mapping as far back as 1896. It very much still exists when you trace this route, but has been blocked off at its starting point, at Little Berkhamsted Lane in between Rose Cottage (14-16 Little Berkhamsted Lane) and 12 Little Berkhamsted Lane, by a keypad gate and absorbed into the adjacent residential plots. At the other end, the path is blocked off with a metal gate and padlock at the junction with BR19, so that none of the route is actively available for public use, as a bridleway or a footpath.
These are illegal acts.
The green line of the definitive map, as publicised today and for all the 125 years prior, is correct, but this path cannot be accessed at either end by the public.
There is a need to re-open and restore BR18 in its true historical position and enable the local villagers, as well as other members of the public, to use and enjoy it, for generations to come. Many thanks for your assistance in this matter.
Yours sincerely,
CC: Mr Richard Cuthbert, Senior Team Leader,

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Signatures: 617Next Goal: 1,000
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