Hershey: Stop Exploiting Student Guestworkers

As if using non-Fair Trade cocoa and moving some production to Mexico weren't enough, Hershey's exploits students who PAID to come to the US???!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Do the right thing: return the money appologize to the students, and hire the people from the town that was built around your factory!!

I will spread the word of your disgusting deeds, and continue boycotting your candy/merchandise for as long as it takes for you to clean up your act!!

P.S. Did you feel the sting of lost profits from Christmas candy sales? Cuz I didn't buy ANY (and I USED to buy ALOT!). Not from stores, vending machines, or fundraisers. ( I told my kid, OUT LOUD, in stores, why I won't buy Hershey's. Oh, it hurt my taste buds alright, but it was well worth it!!!) Probably not, since you stole those students' money!!!

Denise Denton, Hastings, MI, United States
10 years ago
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