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Petitioning Hershey's Corporation board chairman James Nevels

Pledge to end guestworker exploitation and create living wage jobs

This year, the Obama administration vindicated the student guestworkers who occupied Hershey’s “student sweatshop” by shutting down Hershey’s labor recruiter CETUSA and fining Hershey’s subcontractors almost $300,000 for violations of federal safety and health law.

Hershey’s “student sweatshop” was just one of the facilities where Hershey’s employs student guestworkers. We expect a new wave of students to arrive to work at facilities like the Hershey Lodge and Chocolate World any day now.

On Monday, 3/20/12, Hershey’s board chairman James Nevels is going to give the keynote address to a conference of the 1% on corporate social responsibility.

Tell Hershey’s chairman: Talk is cheap. Real responsibility means signing a pledge to end exploitation and create dignified, living wage jobs for local workers.

Letter to
Hershey's Corporation board chairman James Nevels
Last summer, I learned about the Hershey’s Corporation’s “student sweatshop”—the chocolate packing plant in Palmyra, PA, where Hershey’s destroyed hundreds of living wage jobs, then used subcontractors to replace local workers with cultural exchange students.

If Hershey’s wants to restore its reputation as a good corporate citizen, then I call on you to:

- Pledge that there will be no retaliation against future guestworkers who organize to access their fundamental rights.
- Allow guestworkers to work with dignity and organize with freedom from fear. Sign onto the National Guestworker Alliance’s corporate protocols for U.S. guestworker employers to guarantee respect.
- Make all the "chocolate sweatshop" jobs at the Hershey’s packing plant in Palmyra, PA, into dignified living-wage jobs for local workers.


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