Cancel Hedley's Cageless Concert in Mississauga Ontario

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Due to the recent allegation of sexual assault against the lead singer of Hedley, Jacob Hoggard, I do not morally agree with Hedley performing in Mississauga! We do not stand with rapists, we stand with victims! There is a reason Neon Dreams, the openers for their tour dropped out and that their Windsor Concert at the Caesar's Palace was cancelled, as well as their 2018 Juno performance due to the allegations. By allowing them to perform we are saying we don't believe victims and we support alleged rapists. Instead of being forced to reward such behaviour with wealth, refunds for ticket purchases should be carried out and cancellations should be made for Hedley's concert at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga on March 3rd, 2018! 

Speaking to the Hershey Centre they are not going to cancel the concert but they are giving people refunds if they request it.