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Change the Rule on Skort and Short Length at Herron High School

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We have all seen dress codes establish rules that may feel repressive in one way or another. Whether it be your shoulders are too sexual so should be covered at all times, or your knees or a tiny bit of thigh is too much for others to handle. Modesty is one thing, but making us feel ashamed of our bodies is completely different. Herron High School has just set a policy that states "HHS skorts and shorts must touch the knee. If students are logged twice for not wearing uniform skorts or shorts, properly, they may no longer wear skorts or shorts for the remainder of the semester." Most of the students understand that we need to have them at finger tip length or right above the knee, but having them at the knee (or lower) and then being LOGGED for it not being there, and only giving us two chances, is suppressive.

Now you may ask, "Aren't there Herron pants you can wear?" Of course, there are! But the pants are uncomfortable and fit next to no one! (No matter how many sizes they may have) I am a smaller person, so I had to get something that would not only fit my leg length but my waist as well. No matter how many sizes of pants I tried on, none worked for my body type, they were either too big or small around the waist, or they were too long for my shorter legs. Now you also probably ask, "Why don't you just alter them?" Because that is against the dress code policy. We are in no way allowed to "modify, embellish, or deface the uniform in any way." Girls who may want to wear the pants who are heavier or shorter like me are almost unable to wear the pants. The waist is not stretchy in any way and is very restricting. Tucking in the two shirts we must wear, only makes it worse. The pockets on the girls' pants are unusable, as they are two slits that are right at the hip bone, so adding anything to them, and then trying to retrieve them later is way beyond difficult. And yes we have back pocket, but that is buttoned closed! How are we supposed to utilize these, if they're burdensome to put anything in them, and then try to get them out? If you put a pencil or pen in your pocket and sit down, you're stabbed by it! The pants are not comfortable, nor are they attractive or functional in almost any way. 

Not only I, but many others agree that by enforcing this rule is not for our safety, but to show us that we are objects that must be covered because boys our age cannot control themselves if they see our knee or further up. This is not only offensive to the female students (or those who choose to wear skorts or shorts) but to the male students as well. This rule tries to claim that all boys are animals and cannot control themselves when I find this extremely false. By signing this petition, you are showing your support for the female and male students of Herron High School who want to be treated like people; not objects or animals.

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