Heroin Deal, Life in Jail- No Bail

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Sixty thousand people died last year. However, hundreds of people were also saved last year because of narcan. We have asked our fire departments, policemen and EMS to carry it. We have depended on narcan so much to solve our addiction and overdose problem that users can carry it themselves. Thirty years ago, a heroin addict could live for seven years and when they overdosed we put them in the shower, and then we called the EMS. When a family member comes to me to talk to their love ones, the first words said to them are “why can't you do one bag?” It is the same answer from all of them: “I only did one bag.” This heroin is a killer. I never tried to lecture an addict, because you can’t scare an addict when they are on a run. Why are other countries drug free? China has a public execution for addicts. In Saudi Arabia, they cut your head off. In Thailand, they get life in jail. We are one of the smartest and strongest countries in the world and we have drug dealers on every corners killing our children. When it comes into our state from Mexico and Afghanistan, it comes through tunnels. A wall is definitely needed but it will not stop the drugs completely.  It then gets to the biggest dealers in our country first and then it trickles down to the smallest dealer who sells it in nickel bags. This is the heart and soul of the business, without those dealers the drug war comes to an end, as soon as the date is set. If we make the penalty for drug dealers LIFE IN JAIL, you will never see another dealer in Mass, and I know that N.H. and other states will follow. When the law is passed we need to detox the addict the next day. The withdrawal is a nightmare. We know there are not enough rehabs in the United States to detox the state of Mass, our addicts must go to their House of worship to attend an N.A meeting, and when they're leaving the meetings they can get methadone or suboxone to detox them safely, it will be a 90-day detox with our doctors and nurses as well as doctors who treats mental illnesses like bipolar disorder. These addicts need to find God because they have so much guilt and shame when you find a rehab today you have to call them every day and they could overdose as they’re waiting to get in, they have a very small window. Rehabs detox you quickly and send you to NA or A.A. when your in these halls we will bring in speakers every hour of the day and night they will want to stay in the halls because they do not have to steal or chase this drug any longer. Let us be the rehab we will do a better job than any rehab.

We will be able to close down every methadone clinic as well as these doctors who prescribe suboxone with 4 or 5 doctors in their office seeing addicts every 15 minutes. They are drug dealers with a license to steal. The money that the state will save is enormous once we close these clinics down. My friend has been telling me for years to follow the money, it is all about the cash and he is so right. These clinics keep their patients on a high dose of suboxone and methadone for years and the dose they keep them on is an overkill, they do not tell you that your gums and teeth will rot out, just to name a few of the side effects. Our jails will empty out of addicts and the state will save millions. We can look into every pharmacy to see if the right people are getting opiates. Six months ago, I heard on Fox news that there will be $54 billion  going towards the opiate epidemic and education that it is like us trying to put a fire out in California with a garden hose. As for that 54 billion dollars, give it to the addicts to learn a trade, also the kids who want to go back to college to achieve their dreams.

Some people think that addicts are weak, they're wrong, it's a disease, do you think that they woke up one day and wanted to be an addict that has to steal every day. Our bravest people in blue, who have to wear a bulletproof vests and their wives or husbands do not know if they’re coming home for dinner and now they’re being put in danger by touching fentanyl.

This isn't about being a Republican, Democrat, Independent. It isn’t about race or religion. Make no mistake, we are in a war and it can only get worse. These dealers pride themselves because they do not use their product and when you ask them why they are selling this poison to our kids they all say that if they do not sell it then someone else will.

We have lost more kids to heroin than we lost in two wars, Vietnam and the war in Iraq. Let us put our faith into the next governor if he wants millions of votes. Campaign with us to help. Who wants to hear the bull at fundraisers about the budget? Maybe every powerful politician should close their eyes for 30 second and picture coming home to an empty  house or a daughter or son that is in jail that will not be home for the holidays for a long time;.

Today I know that there is a God that kept me alive and my great friend and sponsor has been telling me for years that God works through people and he is working through us. My granddaughter lost her dad at an early age and she has to deal with this the rest of her life.

My name is not important, I am 69, I am a recovering addict. God Bless You All.

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