Heroin Deal, Life in Jail- No Bail

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Sixty thousand people died last year from drug overdose. Hundreds of people were also saved last year because of Narcan. We have asked our fire departments, policemen and EMS to carry it. We have depended on Narcan so much to solve our addiction and overdose problem that users can carry it themselves.

Thirty years ago, a heroin addict could live seven years and when they overdosed we put them in the shower, and then we called the EMS. When a family comes to me to talk to their love ones the first words to them why can’t you do one bag and it is the same answer from all of them I only did one bag, this heroin is a killer. I never tried to lecture an addict, because you can’t scare an addict when they’re on a run.
In the Philippines they shot and killed every drug dealer. In Singapore it is life in jail. No wonder why they have lower drug crime rates.

For a while I thought that these drug dealers were stupid enough to kill all their customers, mixing the heroin with fentanyl, but it is in every state not just Massachusetts.

Once it comes into our state it reaches the highest dealers first and then it trickles down to the smallest dealer who sells it in 10 bags. This is the heart and soul of the business. Without those dealers the drug war comes to an end. We need to cut the head of the snake.

Years ago, the State took over the numbers game with the State Lottery. The State went on a hunt for all illegal number agents, and it was easy to quit with the threat of jail time.

LIFE IN JAIL you will never see another dealer in Mass, and I know that N.H. and other states will follow.

When the law is passed we need to detox the addict the next day. The withdrawal is a nightmare. We know there are not enough rehabs. They must go to their House of worship, to attend an N.A meeting, when they’re leaving the meetings they can get methadone or suboxone to detox them safely. It will be a 90-day detox with our doctors and nurses as well as doctors who treat bipolar disorder. These addicts have so much guilt and shame that once the are clean they have to forgive themselves.

When you find a rehab today you have to call them every day to see if they have a bed open and every day is so vital that the addicts can go out and hurt themselves. They have a very small window. Rehabs detox you quickly and send you to N.A. or A.A. which will begin usually at a house of worship, some of us call it church. The only way to resume life as they once knew it is to join a support group, and find a sponsor to guide them through their journey.
We will be able to close down every methadone clinic as well as these doctors who prescribe suboxone with 4 or 5 doctors in their office seeing addicts every 15 minutes. Detoxing and rehabilitating addicts appears to be becoming a very big business.

The money that the state will save is enormous once we close these clinics down. These clinics keep their patience on a high dose of suboxone and methadone for years and perhaps the long-term dosage plan should be reexamined. It would be so nice of them to take them off slowly and our doctors and nurses will detox them the right way, in 90 days or less. We will never see a methadone or suboxone clinic again, we will never need rehabs that are paid for by the state, what a saving for the state. We can look into every pharmacy to see if the right people are getting opiates, you will put every doctor on high alert..
Now is the time to educate our children beginning in the first grade not to drink or smoke pot.
As for medical marijuana that is great but people that smoke pot will have no motivation and they will sleep on their mother’s couch forever, it does not make them bad people or at all dangerous.

Some people think that addicts are weak, they’re wrong, it’s a disease, do you think that they woke up one day and wanted to be an addict as they have to steal every day. A disease that is being fed from those who prey on the weak and sick, that knowingly sell and give our children poison. The same people who make our streets dangerous from the city to the suburbs. Our bravest people in blue, who have to wear a bullet proof vest, with wives or husbands who don’t know if they are coming home for dinner now have the added danger of coming in contact with fentanyl. The worst drug for the police is Chrystal Meth. This drug keeps you up for days and nights. What about mothers and fathers who wish that their kid gets jail time, or mothers and fathers who fight over who is at fault for their child’s problem.

This isn’t about being a republican, democrat or independent. It’s not about white, yellow, or black or about religion. Our jails will empty out. It cost the state and all tax payers $45,400 a year.

If we used street justice we would throw these heroin dealers overboard and let the sharks have an eating frenzy. Make no mistake we are in a war and it can only get worse. Serial killers look like angels next to these dirt bags. These dealers pride themselves because they do not use their product, and when you ask them why are you selling this poison to our kids they all say the same thing, “if I do not sell it someone else will.” It would be a site for sore eyes to see a few of them being lugged off to jail to do a life sentence.
We lost more kids to heroin than we lost in two wars, Vietnam and the war in Iraq.

Basically we want to achieve three things:
1. Let’s put every major dealer out of business, give them LIFE IN JAIL NO BAIL They will all stop at once. Everyone knows who these dealers are. Let’s put the I.R.S. on them and drill their boxes open and take their property and cars away and see if their money is in straw accounts.
2. Detox addicts safely with our doctors and nurses using a complete plan of detoxification and rehabilitation.
3. We need one hundred thousand signatures to put it on the referendum. I know that we have a million signatures if we count grandparents, fathers & mothers, husbands & wives, and children who will never see their families again.

Be sure to sign the petition, make the politicians and influential people know what you think, and get people to read this article to try and stop the GREAT AMERICAN NIGHTMARE.