Petition Update

Here is your proof that this show is already causing trouble.


Aug 9, 2013 —

Click that link and read the article. This woman, who has likely never Cosplayed and never will, is getting the wrong impression of Cosplayers because of this show.

"In case you don’t know, (and I sure didn’t), there are hundreds of thousands of people around the world who spend millions upon millions of dollars on intricately constructed costumes for their personal use." - Not every Cosplayer likes to shove money into a paper shredder.

" nutty Civil War costumes that people wear for reenactments. " - She's not only attacking Cosplayers. She's already mixing two separate groups.

"Yaya Han — she’s now the go-to authority" - I don't think so.

"The weird thing, (well, all of it is weird), is that these folks really want to be the fictional characters they portray." - No.