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Stop Animal Abuse in South Korea

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Korean Law states that only in the case of death it's an Animal Abuse. This must be changed. Please visit my Facebook page (herothegolden7) or Instagram (herothegolden) to see what actually happens.

On April 26, 2017 approximately at 8:30 p.m., Hero, the golden retriever was at the dog park along with 8-10 other dogs in Pyeongchon Central Park, a public park in Anyang, South Korea. Around 9:45 p.m. a man and his smaller dog entered the park, and as soon as Hero started to greet the canine newcomer by sniffing and approaching her, the owner got nervous, picked Hero up so he could not get away, and repeatedly punched and kicked Hero in the face and body with full force until we realized what was happening along with other passersby.

Hero is a friendly and well-balanced dog. He has never hurt a living being, canine or human, in his life. As many of our 15,000 Instagram followers know, Hero has been the “spokesdog” for many key animal rights issues in South Korea and has donated proceeds from his public appearances including a recent, protagonist role in the KB Kookmin Bank, one of the four largest banks in South Korea, television advertisement to fighting these issues. If Hero was ever deemed a threat to anyone, he would have never been hired or allowed to carry on at these public appearances.

As dog owners, dogs are family. We know how protective one can get when it comes to protecting a family member. If the owner of this small dog on this particular night had offered a simple apology and retreated, we would have put this matter to rest. However, he began to carry on his aggressive manner – swearing, and getting angry, up to the point where we ourselves, felt unsafe. We called the police to prevent an escalation and to have him prosecuted under South Korea’s animal protection laws. However, Anyang’s law enforcement quickly dismissed this case not classifying it as animal abuse, and told us to go home.

We went to the animal emergency clinic at midnight after Hero refused to eat or drink, and displayed abnormal behavior. The vet told us Hero had displaced some bones due to some strong external force. 

We are truly devastated not only for Hero’s health, but because this shines light onto the weak animal protection laws that South Korea enforces. Therefore, we turn to our social media friends: please share our story in hopes of raising awareness which will hopefully result in strengthening the law to help protect all of our family members, both canine and human.


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