Stop grading and drop grades issued to students on Math Sprints in Hernando County!

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Math Sprints given to our children were designed by Bill Davidson.  The Sprint routine takes 10 - 15 minutes.  Mr. Davidson designed them to be challenging, fun, stimulating, and even a confidence-BUILDER!

Instead, my child and hundreds of others across the county are feeling demotivated, high anxiety, and worse.  The Math Sprints are not intended to be graded per the designer.  Grading of these is resulting in our children's loss of self-confidence and grades that don't represent students' actual math abilities!

Please sign this petition, note your zip code, and this will be presented to both the Hernando County School Board and the District Office.  Children everywhere that seek to achieve their absolute best and have never received an F, are receiving D's, F's... all because of the improper application of Sprints!  As a Hernando County mom, I urge everyone to sign and share our petition for change.  

Math Sprints can be used properly.  I ask that the change occur to properly apply Math Sprints per Mr. Davidson's creation is implemented as soon as possible!  

The school boards help is needed to review this issue and help our Hernando County students succeed, love math, and restore balance to the classrooms and to all using the Math Sprints as directed.

Thank you all for joining in this urgent request for change!

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