Let me walk at graduation!

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Hi, My name is Corrine Watts. I'm 18 years old and I grew up in Richmond, VA.

I will graduate from Hermitage High School this June and I want to walk with my class. 

They are stopping me from doing so. 

See, I have mental illnesses that make it impossible for me to attend school daily such as PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. Therefore, I am put on homebound schooling. At the beginning of the year, they sold me a cap and gown and told me I could graduate. I was put on homebound schooling shortly after. They told me I could still walk until about two months ago.They cite the beginning heading of the homebound paperwork for my school district as the reason I cannot walk. They said the only way I could, would be to come back EVERY. DAY. for a month. They know I cannot do that. They thought I'd surrendered, but this is a once in a lifetime celebration I do not want to miss out on. My family didn't think I would see this day. They want this for me as well. The beginning of the paperwork states the following: 

"Homebound Instruction shall be made available to students who are confined at home or in a heath care facility for periods that would prevent normal school attendance (8VAC20-131-
180). The term “confined at home or in a health care facility” means the student is unable to participate in the normal day-to-day activities typically expected during school attendance;
and, absences from home are infrequent, for periods of relatively short duration, or to receive health care treatment. Students receiving fulltime homebound instruction may not work or
participate in extra-curricular activities, non-academic activities (such as field trips), or community activities."

I have spoken to several student mental health representatives and they tell me that graduating is a RIGHT I have!

I want to fight for this right! I should not have to be forced to come back to a place I physically cannot be in because of my mental health. All I want to do is walk with my class. 

Last year, a friend of mine got to walk with the class of 2017 after completing a GED through them as well. That does not seem fair to me. 

Please sign and share, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity I don't want to miss out on because I am mentally ill! 

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