The Gay Truth(In the Workplace)

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Hi my name is Herman. I wanted to reach out to you to hopefully bring awareness to employment matters that happen so often in the state of Georgia. I was hired thru Randstad staffing agency in Alpharetta Georgia at McKesson and was wrongfully terminated in retaliation for reporting harassment due to my sexual orientation. I informed my supervisor Janice about a threat that was made and was terminated the next day under pretext. The company had reversed my complaint on me, failed to take any remedial action and instead immediately put forth false allegations against me. The next day the company terminated me in retaliation, without notice or warning. I was escorted from the premises like a high profile criminal. The staffing agency never took my allegations seriously either. They never asked me what happened.Never gave me an opportunity to clear my name. Instead they presented me with new job opportunities to keep quiet.I had great job performance,attendance,and a permanent job offer.However all of that went out the window once I reported harassment to my supervisor . McKesson reported to Randstad that I threatened a coworker and my assignment should therefore end.As a result Randstad said they had no reason to believe that this was not accurate. However according to them to this day I remain eligible to be placed with other Randstad clients. Randstad rep Ingrid said herself she didn't believe me/my behavior was threatening.And that is why they wanted to "put me back to work." That was enough proof for them to investigate,dispute, and dispel these allegations further on my behalf. Instead  they terminated me and did absolutely nothing for their employee.I began to go up the latter with Randstad's assistant manager Patrick and was dismissed. He said if I didn't like the way they handled things we could part ways.Randstad also joined forces with Mckesson to cover up this matter.I believe because I was gay my complaint against a heterosexual person held no weight. I currently have filed a charge since with the EEOC against both companies. However, I feel like many are silenced and blinded by GA “At will” laws.And many are not fully educated on this "At Will"law.This law states that a company can terminate you for any reason but it has to be a LEGAL reason.I want to bring awareness  because we don’t hear enough stories about wrongful termination.I believe we as people should be able to make a living freely and be protected whether we are gay,straight,white or black.Georgia currently doesn't have any laws that protect gay workers.We must work together to bring change.Lets stand to bring awareness. 

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