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Herkimer College: Keep Radio-TV Broadcasting Department

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Last week, President Cathleen C. McColgin and the Herkimer College (formerly Herkimer County Community College, for those that graduated before the name change) Board of Trustees voted to deactivate Herkimer College's Radio-TV, Digital Filmmaking and New Media Majors.
This means that whoever is currently enrolled in those majors has until August 2019 to finish, and no other new students will be admitted in those majors after that date. Incoming students will likely either be forced to choose a new major or, in some cases, a new college, while students currently enrolled have two years to finish, change their major, or leave. For some, that really isn't an option, as they are either International Students or do not have the money to pick up everything and transfer.
I, and many others, feel that this decision is unfair and will only hurt the college in the long run. 
The Radio-TV, etc. majors, under the guidance of only four core teachers, have only served to increase the visibility of the College, giving them an unprecedented amount of publicity for a community college not just in New York, but in the United States. An untold number of graduates of the major have gone on to very high-profile jobs all over the world. 
Not only that, the department has given most other departments that same unprecedented publicity that they would not have received otherwise. Nowhere is this more true than in the Athletics department, where Radio-TV, etc. has been keeping parents, scouts, and countless others informed on their athletes. Some players might not even have the professional careers they have, were it not for the Herkimer College Radio-TV, etc. department.
On a personal note, my transcript may say I graduated from Herkimer in 2007 with an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, but were it not for the teachers there, I would not have noticed the importance of journalism in all of its forms. Being in the Radio-TV Club at the College inspired me to work toward a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication from the State University of New York at Oneonta. Now I am a reporter for one of the best local sports websites in the Mohawk Valley, covering high schools and colleges (including Herkimer), and I don't think I would have been able to do that if I hadn't seen the work that the students and teachers in that department do.
If you want to help past signing this petition, make sure the following people also know how you feel, with your phone calls, emails, etc. (Please be nice though, as being angry and rude gets our cause nowhere):
Dr. Cathleen C. McColgin, President
Mr. Nicholas F. Laino, Sr. Vice President for Administration and Finance
Mr. Michael Oriolo, Provost (the person who will likely make the final decision, and who this petition will be going to)
Dr. Matthew Hawes, Dean of Students
Ms. Erin Craig, Dean of Enrollment Management
Ms. Rebecca Ruffing, Director of Public Relations
Mr. Daniel Sargent, Assistant to the President
Ms. Karen Ayouch, Director of Institutional Research
Isabella S. Crandall, Chairwoman, Herkimer College Board of Trustees
Brendan Scott Murphy, Student Member, Board of Trustees
Board Members:
William M. Gregory, Vice President
Michael S. Testa, Secretary
Kurt Ackerman
Mark M. Ainsworth, O.D.
Alison Eyre Albright
Dr. Robert L. DeCarlo
Joan Prymas
Jeff Roche, Ph.D

Also, if you would like to help personally, the Trustees will be meeting on the following dates in 2017 and 2018:
September 27, October 14, November 29, January 24, March 21 and April 25. All meetings are scheduled for 6:30 PM in the Robert McLaughlin College Center, rooms 282 and 283. (Check with the college for other dates, as special meetings may be called at any time)
If you can attend, please do and make your voices known! Let them know how much the Radio-TV majors mean to yourself, the college and the Mohawk Valley at large!

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