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Khojaly genocide - 1992 from February 25 to 26 at night armed forces of Armenia from Russia are of the 366th Motorized Rifle Regiment lair in the town of Khojaly occupied by ethnic Azerbaijanis occurred against genocide. After the occupation of Khojaly by Armenian troops, the remaining civilians were deported. These actions were carried out in an organized manner. The majority of the deported population were detained in Khankendi , and the so - called Nagorno-Karabakh Republic(DQR) is an appropriate decree. The capture and detention of civilians, including women in Khojaly , is clearly contrary to the statements of the "NKR" government that the Khojaly people are ready to return all the peaceful people of Azerbaijanto the Azerbaijani side. The conditions of detention of the hostages were extremely unsatisfactory and violence against the residents of Khojaly had been applied. Khojali residents were illegally deprived of their property and their property was seized by people settled in Khankendi and surrounding settlements.The "DGR" authorities also legitimized the acquisition of such property owned by other individuals by issuing orders to seize houses belonging to Khojali residents who were either deported or deported. The attack on Khojaly was attended by the 366th militant militants belonging to the army of the Commonwealth of Independent States .

khojaly genocide