Increasing the use of Solar Power over other types of renewable energy.

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We want to make the world a better place by increasing renewable energy usage but think that it is not beneficial to use any renewable energy source and be done with it we think that using solar power is much better and we should increase its use.

Here is some of our reasons for thinking that we should use solar power:


Other types of renewable energy require high maintenance and require man power too; thus, they are not as effective.


Solar energy can be used directly to heat water instead of converting it into electrical energy and then into heat which is much less efficient and contradicts the idea of renewable energy.


Wind plants and hydroelectric power plants are much more harmful to the environment and its habitants, either by the noise they cause or the damage we make while building them which is not as nearly as big of a problem with solar power.


They can be installed virtually anywhere: in a field, on a building, or anywhere compared to other types of renewable energy this is a huge advantage.


So if solar power is great why aren't we using it?


Well... Laziness.

When solar panels were invented they were a lot more expensive than other types of renewable energy, to get 1 watts of power from a solar cell you would have to invest around $1910, but now with current technology we can get 1 watts of solar power for just $0.85!!

The reason that companies don't switch to solar power is because it would cost them money. Why would they replace their currently working system? Right? But as we mentioned above solar power has much more benefits than other types of energy so we should switch to using solar power.