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Unblock Online Games and Social Media Platforms

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HRHS has been blocking most of the popular sites and apps used by students during Lunch and free time. We, the students, would like to have these things re-instated so they can be used again. With all these things blocked nowadays, there is not much else to do at lunchtime when we're all together and want to play something or look at something interesting. We are not asking you to bring back insanely inappropriate school sites or anything. We are just asking you to bring back online mobile games like we had a few weeks ago. Playing these games with friends made lunchtime more fun and when we were all together playing, it made for some fun times. This is not the only thing that has been affected. Sites like steam, which allow users to connect and play online, are also blocked. These things are not inappropriate in anyway and removing them does nothing but annoy the students of the school. HRHS has already put some rules in for using your phone in class so I see no reason on to block things during the student’s free time, unless it’s inappropriate. HRHS is blocking things to make us go outside more, but the outside yard is full of trash and in need of major renovations. We do not need a skateboard program we need the freedom of choice on what we play during free time.

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