No Offline Class=No Offline Exam in the upcoming time of new Covid strain "Omicron".

No Offline Class=No Offline Exam in the upcoming time of new Covid strain "Omicron".

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Started by Abhi Singh

In the wake of upcoming new Covid-19 Strain "Omicron" we're not ready for Offline Exams.

Due to Covid-19 crisis the classes were held in online mode from last year or we can say from last 2 consecutive semester. And after that the current ongoing semester is held in online mode where all the students are attending classes in online mode. But as per West Bengal Government notice the schools and colleges opened from 16th Nov,2021 after that all the colleges arranged a way for the practical classes. And during this practical classes, students were told that there ongoing Semester exams will be held in Offline mode which almost all the students regretted it. Even the state technology organization MAKAUT established a notice which states that for the ongoing semester the exams will be held "Online Mode" but the practical will be held in "Offline Mode".

As per the notice Heritage Institute of Technology is taking the classes in online mode but they want to take the exams in offline mode which most of us are not ready for it. And also amid the new upcoming strain we're not feeling safe for coming down to college as this strain will easily infect those who are vaccinated and also to those who were earlier infected with Corona as per study from ICMR.

And among all of this there is no chance to take Semester Examination in offline mode because we are not clear with everything in Online mode studies.

And if we talk about new strain "Omicron", studies says that this variant will be the reasons for maximum number of deaths even the vaccine will not able to stop it to get people infected. Still the government is can't able to trace the infected people who have already entered the country from all of those Red listed countries (sources: The Indian Express) and those who were infected their report is being sent for Genome Sequencing as per they don't have any data related to it.

In West Bengal there is Municipality Election are coming and we all know the storyline of politics. The will want election to come in power rather caring about the people's health. And after the election the situation may become out of control as per the situation took during the Rajya Sabha Election in West Bengal in the month of March,2021. We all know what exactly happened after that election.

During the Second wave our Institute have few members and still the Institute is taking too long to decide and want to play with the students and staff health.

Please consider our matter and re-think about it before going further and against all.

Thank you.

117 have signed. Let’s get to 200!