Abolish E-Hallpass at Heritage High School

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Acknowledgement by Heritage Administration

I would first like to thank everyone for their support on this petition. Without your help, we would still be where we started. If needed, I will continue to post updates as new developments occur. This morning on the daily announcements Heritage High School principal Jeff Adams informed students that the administration will not track student locations through GPS using E-Hallpass. However, this does not address all of our concerns. The consistent classroom interruptions and unnecessary timing of students' trips due to the E-Hallpass is ridiculous and has no place in our school system. There are alternative options of monitoring hallway activity (such as the system used in prior years) and the administration should pursue these to the best of their abilities. Please continue to share this petition as much as possible to raise awareness of this issue.

Thank You,

Christian Chase

Christian Chase
2 years ago