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Call for the reinstatement of Coach Roberts

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As many have now heard or been informed, Coach Roberts will not be returning to finish the second semester of the 2017-18 school year, as a bowling teacher, P.E. teacher, football coach and weight training instructor. This petition is to call for the reinstatement of Coach Roberts to hold the previously listed occupations. 

For those who do not know Coach Roberts, he has been on board of the Heritage Academy staff for multiple years, and has led the Heritage Academy Heroes (football team), to multiple state championships and has had the opportunity to return with the "State Championship" title on more than one occasion. Not only are his accomplishments and achievements as a coach and teacher tangible, the effect he has had on students is more valuable in my eyes and many others than a state championship trophy. Students, graduates, and even parents, as well as myself, are able to describe countless positive interactions they have had with Coach Roberts.

Coach Roberts has served as an outstanding role model for his students, and the point of this petition is to shed light on not only the things he has done for his students but the morals he has instilled in the school itself.  Not only does this affect Coach Roberts but it changes the basic fundamentals of organized sports and physical education classes that have been supervised by Coach. The techniques and practical lessons that apply to life in more than just a classroom setting is another asset that makes Coach so valuable. His ability to inspire as well as teach students is an incredible talent that is rare even among teachers. In conclusion, the knowledge and positive impact that Coach is willing and happy to share with his students is far too valuable to pass up, and if administration can not see that now, it falls upon not only the students but the parents and families as well to help and share with their social circles the good Coach has done and draw more attention to this impractical decision. 

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