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To include female football players in Match Attax cards.

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#HERinHero Campaign

Pledge: To ask the CEO of Topps (Michael Brandstaedter), the company that makes Match Attax cards, to include female footballers.

My 8-year-old son, Jedd, is obsessed with Match Attax Football cards. He dreams, breathes and lives to collect Match Attax cards. He knows every single player and all their strengths and weaknesses. I asked him recently why there weren’t any female footballers on the cards and he replied: Mummy, do girls even play football?

The reality is that women’s sports has significantly lower visibility than men's sports.

For every 53 articles written about sporting men, there is 1 about a woman. Women’s sport receives only 0.5% of the total sponsorship income into sport (men get 62.1% and mixed sports get 38%).  The captain of the women’s England football team, Steph Houghton, earns approximately £480 per week compared to Wayne Rooney who earns up to £300,000 per week.

We are campaigning for the company Topps who make Match Attax to include cards featuring female footballers (there are approximately 126 professional female players and  91,656 registered female players in the UK alone).

Currently the cards only feature male players. Match Attax cards are bought by 1.5million children in the UK.

We believe that if we can get Match Attax to include women footballers talked about in the playground, we can help ensure that our sons know that women also play football, and help our daughters, nieces, sisters feel like they have a role to play in the world of football and sports.

Telegraph Wonder Women is supporting this campaign because it’s high-time female footballers become as famous and respected as their male counterparts – especially in the eyes of children.

Please sign the Little Miss Geek’s petition and bring more equality into the world of football.

You can follow our progress @ladygeek & @telewonderwoman.

Thank you.

Belinda Parmar

CEO of Little Miss Geek

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