Make Leys Hill Junction safer for all!

Make Leys Hill Junction safer for all!

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William Cansdale started this petition to Herefordshire council and

For over 10 years, many local residents have been campaigning through Walford Parish Council and Herefordshire Council, for the junction of Leys Hill and the B4234 to be made safer, for motorists and pedestrians alike.

The major issue is that the average motorist travelling along the B4234 has no idea of the impending risks that the blind bend and adjoining Leys Hill Junction brings, due to inadequate road signage. SLOW signs written on the road have been worn away and in addition there is no warning of the concealed junction of Leys Hill, nor for pedestrians potentially crossing to/from the Bus Stop. No aids have been made available for motorists exiting Leys Hill to see oncoming traffic easily from Lybrook direction. I have heard the experience of exiting Leys Hill during busy times described as playing "Russian Roulette". I know personally of traffic accidents that have occurred due to vehicles leaving Leys Hill and also know other local people that have knowledge of many more accidents too. I am sure that many drivers that have exited from Leys Hill will have their horror stories to tell.

A small task force of local residents has now been formed, to raise the profile of this long outstanding issue again, proposing pragmatic, practical and easy to adopt solutions. We feel passionate that change needs to happen NOW. It would be a travesty if another accident happened. We DO NOT and WILL NOT ACCEPT that action will not be taken until there is a fatality (I heard recently that the stakes had now risen to 2.5 fatalities!) 
Our proposals for phase 1 change are as follows. 

  1. Currently the maximum speed limit is 40 mph, way too fast in our opinion. The proposal is to reduce the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph, from Kerne Bridge (when proceeding from Walford) and before the bend when (proceeding from Lydbrook) directions, with a flashing warning if proceeding too fast.
  2. New traffic signs on posts warning of
    1. Vehicle Activated Sign, from both directions
    2. Junction on Bend Ahead, from both directions
    3. Beware of Pedestrians Crossing, from both directions
  3. A Convex Mirror to be positioned opposite Leys Hill Junction to aid motorists to see traffic approaching from Lydbrook direction. A local resident has purchased the mirror and has been holding onto it for the last 5 years, waiting for approval for it to be erected.

Like you, we travel across our beautiful English and sometimes Welsh countryside through many villages that are appropriately signed to aid the protection of the villagers and to warn motorists of the risks. WHY NOT BISHOPSWOOD?

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We will keep you posted on developments as they unfold.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!