Make Herefordshire's buses fare-free

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Herefordshire's roads are getting busier and busier. And Hereford in particular has a traffic problem that needs to be fixed.

Public transport is one solution. We know that more people on buses means fewer cars on the roads and less pollution in our atmosphere. But Herefordshire's bus fares are too expensive and services don't run frequently enough.

This has to change.

We need a county-wide bus service that runs more often. And, as many other cities have already done around the world, we need a bus service that is fare-free!

Fare-free buses give the best incentive for drivers to leave the car at home. Being free means that riders are saving money on petrol and, over a number of journeys, this can have a big impact on household spending.

Our county and our planet desperately needs fewer cars on the roads and we also need a huge reduction in carbon emissions if we are to avert the worst of global warming.

Implementing a new, fare-free bus system across Herefordshire now could bring instant results in easing traffic on our most congested roads. And we know that funds can be diverted from car parking charges to pay for it.

Herefordshire Council can make our buses free to use. We urgently need this to happen.

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