Stop dangerous cuts of 60% to fulltime fire cover in Herefordshire and Worcestershire

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On the advice of the Chief Fire Officer, Hereford and Worcester Fire Authority are proposing to cut the number of full time firefighters on duty at night, across the 2 counties, from 40 to just 16 - a reduction of 60%.

These proposals will leave the cities of Hereford and Worcester with just 4 full time firefighters on duty at night instead of the current 8, and Bromsgrove will lose their full time guaranteed and immediate night time cover completely.

Again on the advice of the Chief Fire Officer, without public consultation, the Fire Authority are, currently changing duty systems at Malvern, Evesham and Droitwich. These changes remove 12 full time and guaranteed available firefighters on call at night, significantly worsening the fire cover available for the residents of these 3 large and ever growing towns.

We are a group of retired Fire Service Watch Commanders who fully understand the impact of these dangerous cuts, and are deeply concerned by the reduction of full time fire cover at night in our 2 counties.
We believe the lives of our firefighters, and the people they serve, will be put at risk if the Fire Authority push on with these drastic cuts, which will mean relying too heavily on the already overstretched retained staff.

For the sake of public and firefighter safety we urge the Fire authority to:

Increase the number of full time firefighters on duty at night in both Hereford and Worcester to 10, to maintain the immediate availability of 2 fire appliances in each city.

Keep immediate and guaranteed full time night time fire cover at Bromsgrove.

Reinstate the Day Crewing duty system at Malvern, Evesham and Droitwich to provide full time, guaranteed firefighters on call at night.