Europeans concerned about Freedom in Australia

Europeans concerned about Freedom in Australia

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Ádám Bognár started this petition to Her royal highness Queen Elizabeth II

This is less of a petition and more of an open letter to her Royal highness, regarding the current political situation in the Commonwealth of Australia.

"Your Majesty, 
it is with great dismay that we must notice that in one of your realms, the Commonwealth of Australia, the freedom of the people is in danger.
Under the guise of the Covid-19 threat, the Australian government has consistently limited the freedom of it's citizens and has grown more and more Authoritarian each day. While we can understand the concerns considering the pandemic, we must point out that in no free and civilised country on earth have the people been repressed more in the name of their own safety then in Australia. 
Even the harshest restriction in Britain seem relaxed compared to the attitude the Australian government is showing to it's own citizens. 

Free citizens are being harassed by violent and over zealous policemen and are threatened with harsh punishments by the political elite. Their freedom of movement has been severely restricted, even leaving the country has been restricted. Each and every day Australia resembles more and more the Prison Colony it once used to be.

As Europeans, especially those who have lived behind the iron curtain, we are watching these developments with great concern.
Not just as outsiders, but as friends and family members as well.
This doesn't refer just to anyone who immigrated and became a citizen or permanent resident recently.
Many people had fled to Australia from the fascist concentration camps during world war 2. Many had fled to Australia from the horrors of the communist regimes during the cold war. When those people fled, they assumed Australia to be a safe haven, a place were human rights and dignity are respected, a place were one must not fear unfair treatment from a police state.

Yet now the same people who once hoped for happiness and freedom are living a live of fear with no hope and end in sight. We are shocked and worried and do not understand how we can survive with relative freedom while Australians have to suffer "for their own safety". No one here is denying the existence of a virus, no one here is trying to convince anyone not get vaccinated. 
It is right for most people to do what should be best for their health.
This is about human rights and the rights of citizens.
We are horrified by the path the Australian government is headed towards and fear that if no one puts a stop to it, Australia will slowly devolve into an Authoritarian state not unlike what the Soviet Union used to be.
They even have the remote mines in the middle of nowhere, where they can work their dissidents to death. That might sound like a harsh embellishment, but it is what we fear Australia could look like in 10 years. 

Therefore we ask you, your majesty, to inform your Governor General to put a stop to the Australian Governments authoritarian ambitions and to ensure that your subjects are being treated fairly.

If nothing else then at least  he should ensure that those citizens and permanent residents that wish to leave Australia, can safely and without hindrance move to Europe or the United States where their rights are not being trampled by boots and they can live a peaceful life.

If the situation does not improve, we will have to petition our Governments and the European Union to place sanctions upon the Australian regime. 
By the grace of god, we hope it doesn't have to come to that and that
the politicians in Canberra come to their senses. 

With greatest respect, the concerned citizens of Europe."

If you are a European who is concerned about their friends and family in Australia,
please sign this petition and add your name to this open letter. 

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