The Queen to apply the Royal Prerogative of Mercy for Julian Assange

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The Queen has the power to pardon a convicted prisoner under her Royal Prerogative of Mercy. "In 2020, Steven Gallant is to be considered for release on parole from his imprisonment for murder ten months early, under the prerogative of mercy "in recognition of his exceptionally brave actions at Fishmongers’ Hall, which helped save people’s lives despite the tremendous risk to his own" while confronting terrorist Usman Khan during the 2019 London Bridge attack".  

On the other hand, Journalist Julian Assange, innocent of any wrongdoing, posted millions of top secret documents about high level gross violations of human rights like the infamous US gunship massacre of innocent civilians in Baghdad ( Currently, Julian is in solitary confinement being daily strip searched and psychologically tortured in Her Majesty's (sic) Belmarsh (aka Britain's Guantanamo) maximum security prison. His legal rights have been trampled. For example, the sacrosanct communication between a client and his legal representatives, in Julian's case, has been violated. Julian is the victim of a political trial while the US apache helicopter murderers have escaped Scott free. The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, stated that Julian "should face the music"!

We appeal to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, in whose prison Julian is being tortured, to issue a Royal Pardon for the charge of skipping bail and to order his immediate release.