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Creation of an Independent Crown appointed Regulator to hold political parties to account

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Over the course of the last few years in British politics, it has become clear that there is no way for political campaigners and those who eventually get voted into power to be held to account for promises made during the campaigning stage of a Referendum or during elections where common British voters are often manipulated into voting in certain political ideologies through short-termist policies, outright lies or personal gravitas or smear campaigns on the opposition.   [Remember the £350m per week which was supposed to go to the NHS if we voted for "Brexit"?]

Voters are often hoodwinked into focusing on specific issues political parties want them to see whilst losing sight of the main question of what kind of country and society we are building in 1, 5, 10, 25 years if we voted for this particular party on important issues (non-exhaustive below)such as:

1) Wealth inequality within the country

2) Health and wellbeing of the people 

3) National surplus/deficit from the policies of each party and how this impacts on the longer term national debt

4) Propensity of these policies to encourage global investment and job creation within the UK

5) How the economically disadvantaged within the country will be aided to escape the poverty trap and be able to achieve similar opportunities as anyone else provided that they are prepared to work hard to achieve their dreams

6) A skilled homegrown workforce within the UK relevant for its time which will be globally competitive

7) National security

8) Environmental sustainability

9) Financial sustainability 

10) Global diplomatic relations and how this will result in joint-working for mutual betterment in the world

While the UK as a country has countless regulators and watchdogs to hold businesses into account to ensure that its citizens do not suffer loss or are not exploited by short-termist profiteering corporations (OFCOM, OFGEM, FCA, ASA), there yet exists an independent regulator to challenge and hold individuals and political parties to account to deliver on promises made and act as a referee at the campaigning stage to ensure that a fair and identical template be used to answer the important issues highlighted above.  The current system allows political parties to only answer questions they want to answer with the Conservatives focusing mainly on fiscal issues, Labour on inequality issues, Greens on environmental issues and so on, so forth.  The current system allows political parties to isolate and split the British people by their propensity to focus on particular aspects of the country but does not address all the issues which affects them in the longer term.

I propose that Her Majesty the Queen as Head of State of the United Kingdom create and appoint an Independent regulator to hold politicians and the elected government to account to ensure a sense of confidence, stability and continuity of the great British value of democracy be upheld.



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