Stop Mothers and Babies of African Descent Dying Disproportionately (MBADDD Campaign)

Stop Mothers and Babies of African Descent Dying Disproportionately (MBADDD Campaign)

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BLACK LINKS COMMUNITIES started this petition to Her Majesty's Government

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Aunts, Nieces and all female descendants and their Babies are now 5x more likely and do suffer unnecessary DEATH during pregnancy and labour !!! 

This would be an atrocity, an outright injustice and a wrong perpetuated against pregnant Mothers and their unborn Babies whilst they are in need of care and at their most vulnerable. Note that this happens regardless of age, location, health, economic status, social class or environment but BECAUSE OF RACE.

Current evidence shows that black Mothers and their Babies will face 9 months of labour and pregnancy during which they are 5X more likely and do suffer death.

We want to know why this situation has been allowed to exist and persist. The Government and the Care System are aware off this and the injustice continues. Is it conscious and unconscious bias that fuels this and lack of Human Rights?

A change in Legislation is needed. Please support this Petition.

We need signature in support of Legislation. Let’s get it past the minimum needed of 85,000 so this petition can be heard in the Houses of Parliament.

We have all arrived here through the females of the world. To be alive is itself a miracle given the journey from conception to delivery. When we allow the unnecessary and or deliberate deaths of those who would be your Grandmothers, Mothers, Aunts, Sisters, Daughters, Nieces because of their RACE, it is an immediate call-to-action.


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a)    Carry out the research and provide the data that establishes the reason for Mothers and Babies of African Descent Dying Disproportionately during pregnancy and childbirth. $ 75,000

b)   Address the established reasons for which the inequality that exists and provide support to those experiencing this inequality. This is an on-going activity that requires finance. Min $ 150,000 for 1st year support team

c)    Impact on Government Legislation to address this inequality. This requires a White Paper to undergo several stages to become a Bill, which then receives Royal Assent and becomes an Act of Parliament. $40,000 to initiate White Paper protocol.

d)   Provide redress to the Estate of the demised. $50,000 covers initial Legal services costs.

History shows that this is not an isolated colour based agenda. Black women in the UK are much more likely to die from complications surrounding pregnancy and childbirth than white women. But for many, a full report into these maternal deaths and the revealing figures need to confirm what we as a community already know - being black and pregnant carries risks that can be eliminated and legislation and redress for survivors can help in this cause.

November 2018 MBRRACE-UK published a report on how many women had died in childbirth in the UK and Ireland between 2014 and 2016. It is a important document that shows harrowing statistics but also because there are patterns in the statistics that suggest problems in our maternity system and wider society. To add insult to injury following the investigation into the disproportionate disparities in black and brown maternal mortality rates, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), has proposed a draft guideline which among other things, would recommend the induction of black and brown women and birthing people as a way of reducing risk!!. There is a need to prevent this legislation being passed and for this other Petition is in place that requires support.

Please sign this petition and allow all Mothers to birth their Babies and for both to survive WITHOUT HAVING TO DIE UNNECESSARILY. 

Thank you

"The almost fivefold higher mortality rate amongst black women compared with white women requires urgent explanation and action."

Dr Ria Clarke said the report left her with more questions than answers.Dr Ria Clarke, who specialises in obstetrics and gynaecology, told the Pregnant Then Screwed conference in January the following:

"We need to talk about the fact black women may not feel that they will be taken seriously, which might make them less likely to disclose how they are feeling.”

History of adverse actions against Black Mothers and Babies

History shows that there has been a deliberate and contrived effort to create an environment of elimination and extermination directed at the black Family generally but specifically the source of Life being the black Mothers and their Babies

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