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Withdraw the State Visit invitation to Donald Trump.

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It is becoming increasingly evident that the State Visit invitation to Donald Trump was extremely premature and by now also self-evident that he is totally unworthy of such recognition. His policy actions, public utterances, personal behaviour and social media activities demean the office of President of the United States. 

Not only are there open discussions and public commentaries as to whether Donald Trump is likely to be impeached but there are also ,possibly more worryingly, extensive debate in the US amongst senior politicians and others as to his 'state of mind' and his suitability to hold high office.

His record of behaviour on foreign visits already somewhat testify as to the validity of these concerns and clearly indicate his inability to accept the usual norms of behaviour. His volatility and the apparent enthusiasm to court controversy, belittle the  other world leaders he meets ( especially those who receive more publicity and attention than he does ) indicates the risk that will be taken by allowing the invitation of a State Visit to remain on the table. 

There are also several other political and policy judgements that Donald Trump has made that make the invitation no longer a credible one. In particular climate change, the general attacks on Muslims, incessant rumours of links and associations with Russia (currently the subject of a Congressional Inquiry) and more recently his comments about the Mayor of London following the recent attack on the city.

For these and other reasons I urge the Government to revisit the decision and at the very least downgrade the invitation from being a State Visit. 



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