How agency workers have been forgotten by the JRS and how agency workers are treated

How agency workers have been forgotten by the JRS and how agency workers are treated

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Andrew Holmes started this petition to Her Majesty's Government

Ive been trying to raise issues regarding the furlough scheme and how it may have failed to reach millions of agency workers and how workers are treated in general within the agency world but my voice isn’t being heard.

We all have a voice in this country but it wont be listened to until there are 10,000 of us standing together. PLEASE HELP ME TO GET THE GOVERNMENT TO LISTEN.

I want the government to discuss how the JRS has potentially failed to reach millions of agency workers and the reasons why.

I also want the government to look into the loopholes within the agency world that can be abused and used to silence anyone who raises issues.

Since going through the grievance procedure against my employer regarding the furlough scheme. I have become aware of some saddening statistics from my agency and the reasons for not giving their employees access to the JRS were even more saddening

I know its too late for the government to do anything now as the JRS is coming to an end and the damage has already been done as many families are already in the midst of financial and mental ruin.

As we are all anticipating a second wave of coronavirus. I think its only right that the government discuss these issues to make sure that agency workers do not fall through the cracks next time the JRS is needed.

Me and my colleagues are all facing/have faced a range of problems ranging from mental breakdowns to homelessness to destitution as a result of being forgotten by the scheme this time round

It makes me sad to think of the suffering that the thousands of workers abandoned by my agency alone are going through

It makes me even sadder to think that potentially millions of agency workers and their families could be going through the same struggles as we are as a result of falling through the cracks/loopholes in the scheme.

The reason given by my agency for not giving us the support we deserved was due to the costs to the agency associated with furloughing their workers and because they weren't legally obliged to.

My agency declined to offer 98% of their workforce access to the JRS for those reasons

The costs being that of a contribution to the government training levy and the cost of holiday accrual during the time on furlough.

The 2% my agency did offer the JRS to, they only did so because the 3rd party employer agreed to cover the costs

Most 3rd parties refused to to do this, mine included, even though I had worked there for years as an agency worker and they have a turnover of half a billion pounds.

It seems to me that some employers are putting profits over the welfare of their staff.

I was told my welfare and my families welfare was worth less than £10 a week by my agency as that was short term cost to furlough each employee

Can you imagine how dehumanising that felt?

As every agency in the country is based on the same business model then I would imagine most employment agencies in the country didn’t help their workers for these same reasons.

My Employment agency reminded my union rep when she asked for a reason why the union members had not been given access to the scheme that

  “ Encore are under no legal obligation to furlough any of their workers” .

Why would any employment agency in the country pay these costs if they didn’t need to? Business is all about profits. Profits before people.

Agency workers are some of the worst treated workers in the country and we are unable to do a thing about it as we have so few rights as employees.

Agencies have us trapped by fear unable to raise issues for fear of being unfairly treated as a consequence.

I also want the Government to discuss how agency workers are treated in general and how employment agencies operate and discuss the loopholes that allow agencies to have so little accountability to their employees welfare. 

There are so many wrongdoings in the agency world that go unreported. The way employment agencies operate needs to be looked into and it also needs to be better regulated to give workers more protection from being unfairly treated when raising issues. I have seen first hand that a lot goes unreported because of the fear they have us gripped by.

Together we are stronger.


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