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Requesting the dissolution of the 41st Parliament of Canada

A Petition to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II presented by her loyal subjects requesting the dissolution of the 41st Parliament of Canada

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

Your Majesty,

We, the undersigned, respectfully wish to bring to your attention, recent and ongoing events, which are of great concern to us, and for which we believe, the Government of Canada to be either directly or indirectly responsible, namely:

- sitting Senators pledging allegiance to persons other than Your Majesty
- evidence of collaboration in the torture of Afghan detainees
- proroguing Parliament to block investigations and to avoid a confidence vote
- Ministers providing false information to Parliament going unpunished
- public monies being used for unauthorized and private purposes
- investigative powers of the Auditor General being reduced
- critical oversight by the CSIS Inspector General being eliminated
- dozens of unrelated acts being substantially amended in a budget
- committees being prevented from questioning said amendments
- committee meetings increasingly being closed to the public
- longstanding environmental protections being weakened or repealed
- former Liberal and Conservative Fisheries Ministers collaboratively protesting
- scientists and respected citizens being labeled as radicals and enemies
- funding for important scientific studies being cancelled or reduced
- evidence of contamination of the Athabaska river watershed
- unusually high cancer rates in the Athabaska river watershed
- local fish and wildlife developing gross abnormalities
- a water safety study being cancelled and copies of the report destroyed
- a renowned artist has destroyed his work in protest

We humbly pray for Your Majesty's intervention, to dissolve the 41st Parliament of Canada, and call a general election.

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  • Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II presented by her loyal subjects

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