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Dismiss the UK police on the grounds of corruption and conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

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The police are defending government Ministers, to the point of armed protection within the House of Commons, who are intent upon the destruction of innocent and healthy lives, including those of children, by means of starvation and malnutrition.  This is unacceptable.

George Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, via the government of which he is a member, has proved beyond any doubt that his welfare reform policies are deliberately intended to cause starvation and unnecessary hardship among the poor that HE has created, by refusing food bank aid from the European Union that could have helped thousands of those hungry and impoverished people.  Simple logic states that he is therefore content for them to continue starving.  That defines him as being intent upon the destruction of healthy lives other than his own, which premeditation qualifies the intention, in the worst case, as attempted murder.

The United Kingdom's police services are working to defend him while he carries out this social cleansing.  The police must therefore be dismissed by the sovereign people of the United Kingdom, through the means of our united withdrawal of our consent for them to operate within these borders.  It will then be possible for the people to remove George Iain Duncan Smith, and those who have aided and abetted his actions, without undue interference from corrupt authorities.

Our sovereign representative, the Monarch, swore an Oath in front of God and mortal witnesses to defend the sovereign nation of the United Kingdom.  We now call upon the Monarch to honour that commitment by enabling the people - who comprise this sovereign nation - to work, in concert with the Armed Forces, to remove the corruption from Parliament by removing the self-serving and unelected Members who have usurped the rightful government of this country, and to bring those corrupt Members of Parliament and the House of Lords, along with those members of the police services who have aided and abetted the unlawful termination of United Kingdom citizens' lives, to a proper trial.

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