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Removal Queensland Governor Paul De Jersey by Her Majesty the Queen

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Victims in Royal Commission Case Study 34 request Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to immediately remove the Queensland Governor, Paul De Jersey from Public Office, pursuant to Constitution of Queensland 2001 Section 32

Under the Queensland Constitution the Queen has the only power to remove a Governor from Public Office

Reason for Removal : Conflict of Interest with the Royal Commission publication of Findings in Case Study 34 : Brisbane Grammar School / St Pauls and the reappointment of Brisbane Grammar School Trustees by Paul De Jersey acting with authority as Governor of Queensland. The reappointment of Brisbane Grammar Trustees was published in the Queensland Government Gazette on 17 June 2016.  

For victims in Case Study 34 to have any sense of Justice, Heads must certainly roll. For those like Governor De Jersey in a position of authority and public trust, he must be held accountable for his actions or in-actions. When he may well have breached the privilege, by not being as open and transparent as one would expect of a Queensland Governor. The only course of action is to request for his immediate removal from Public Office.

Under the circumstances of Findings in Royal Commission Case Study 34, Paul De Jersey’s position as Governor General of Queensland is now untenable.

This is because of his previous appointment working closely with Dr Hollingworth Bernard Yorke and Gilbert Case  as Chancellor of Brisbane Anglican Diocese.

Paul De Jersey when he was Chancellor of Anglican Diocese of Brisbane 1999-2014 is almost certain to have either advised and or come into contact with privileged information directly relating to Case Study 34. He may deny any knowledge, but that should not simply be his own say so. He should be subject to the highest level of scrutiny in order to be appointed as Queensland Governor. For public faith to be maintained without any allegations of “Conflict of Interest,” he put himself in an untenable situation.

Paul De Jersey was not called by the Royal Commission in Case Study 34, but most definitely should have been called to answer questions under oath for the benefit of victims in seeking the truth. He held a position of extreme legal influence and Public Trust at the time of 2000 when allegations surfaced of sexual abuse at Brisbane Grammar School / St Pauls. It is these allegations that have recently been subject to Case Study 34. Paul De Jersey would have had close contact during his time with Archbishop Hollingworth, Bernard Yorke,  and Gilbert Case, the 3 people Case Study 34 was critical of their actions in responding to allegations of sexual abuse by the sexual perpetrator Kevin Lynch.  While the Royal Commission findings were critical of Archbishop Hollingworth, and he was publicly humiliated in 2003 when he resigned as Australian Governor General. Hollingworth  certainly could not have covered up sexual abuse alone. Few people would have greater inside knowledge than, Paul De Jersey, as he held a position both within the Qld Legal System as Chief Justice at the time and within the Brisbane Anglican Diocese, together as Patron of a number of sex abuse Charities.

The Qld Premier in February 2014 announced that the Chief Justice, Paul De Jersey would be appointed as the next Qld Governor. He was officially sworn in on the 29 July 2014    

The Brisbane Anglican Diocese received the first notice to disclose in Case Study 34 from the Royal Commission on 12 March 2014. This was only several weeks after the announcement of Paul De Jersey’s appointment as Qld Governor, but he had not been officially sworn in. Paul De Jersey was at the time still a Chancellor of the Brisbane Anglican Diocese and was until his swearing in as Governor. Given the potential “Conflict of Interest,” in Royal Commission Case Study 34, the most prudent course of action would have been for Paul De Jersey to have declined to accept the Post of Governor of Queensland.

Governor De Jersey therefore had a “Conflict of Interest,” when he re-appointed the Brisbane Grammar School Trustees, as he did on 17 June 2016. He should not have been re-appointing Trustees from Brisbane Grammar School when he himself most certainly should have been called in Case Study 34. That is given his previous position as Chancellor of the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane and Chief Justice and potential for knowledge of privilege information only he may have known at the time, but did not disclose.

It is an "Insult" to victims in Case Study 34 that Governor Paul De Jersey re-appointed Trustees who failed in their own Duty of Care to adequately investigate the allegations of sexual abuse that surfaced in 2000 and for those Trustees to have denied the allegations.

It is for this very reason the Governor of Queensland, Paul De Jersey must immediately tender his resignation and or be removed by the only person with the legal powers to do so, Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II.

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